‘Pure, unexpected class’ QX Magazine

‘Scum’ Nigel Farage

‘Leftwing cretins’ Britain First

Far Right Express was originally developed as a swing dance routine created by Ray Malone and choreographer Astrid Schepers. The intention was to highlight the absurdity of archaic gender roles championed by right wing political groups such as UKIP. Dancing alongside Ray Malone, the role of Nigel Facade was performed by drag king performer Milly Harding. The routine was performed at the Beyond UKIP Cabaret in Downe, Kent at Nigel Farage’s local pub. Branded as ’scum’ by Farage, the Beyond UKIP Cabaret were a troop of Roma activists, Lebanese dancers, Muslims, Atheists and a gay Welsh donkey. Together, they attempted to show Farage that diversity is not something to be afraid of. Following spin from UKIP they gained the attention of mainstream press and right-wing paramilitary group Britain First, who a week later locked them all in a community centre. In response to the incident Ray wrote this for Open Democracy.


Following the cabaret, Ray teamed up with singer, songwriter Jonny Abrams to stage songs from his musical ‘Farage and the Machine’. With the aim of highlighting the growing right wing populist ideology in Europe, including the present Tory government’s brutal attacks on vulnerable groups, the group rebranded to become the Far Right Express. The group performed at the Arcola Bar, The Lucky Pig in Fitzrovia and ‘Not Suitable for Work’ at The Glory.

Cast & Crew

Nigel Far Right:    Jonny Abrams
Wendy House:      Ray Malone
Pearl Diver:           Lucie Regan

Songwriter:           Jonny Abrams
Direction:              Ray Malone
Choreography:      Astrid Schepers
Wig Design:          Cairo Harris