In June 2016 Ray Malone joined Sea-change Theatre Company as Associate Director to direct an all-female version of the Tempest. The Tempest was performed at Skala Eressos, on Lesbos in Greece in 2016, at The Rose Playhouse on Bankside and at L-Fest in Loughbough in summer 2017.

Sea-change is a company founded by writer and producer Sue Frumin with set and costume designed by Lu Firth. Sea-change was set up to correct the imbalance of roles for women in theatre and film, and invert the Elizabethan convention of male-only performances.

“wonderfully empowering” DIVA

“A must see for all genders”

magical, captivating cross gender Shakespeare” Remote Goat

“queers the narrative beautifully, aiming not to mimic traditional theatre, but to challenge and redraw its boundaries” Tasmine-Airey