National Freakshow Uncut

Every year Theatre Uncut makes exclusive new short plays available for anyone to read and perform, anywhere in the world for limited periods. Heads Bodies Legs have staged three Theatre Uncut events with proceeds going to Amnesty International and Doctors Without Boarders.

Theatre Uncut: Refugee

In February 2015, Heads Bodies Legs staged selected plays from the “Walking The Tightrope” project, which explored censorship, boycotting and freedom of expression in the arts. Arising from events and decisions made by Underbelly, Exhibit B and Tricycle in 2014, this assortment of plays  explored contrasting views on Freedom of Expression in the UK arts today.

Walking the Tightrope

In autumn 2014, National Freak Show Uncut was a collaboration between Fiasco Theatre, Heads Bodies Legs and F11 Theatre Company, all companies led by RADA and Kings College Text and Performance graduates performed the plays at Clean Break studios in Kentish Town.  The writers chose the topic: Knowledge is Power, Knowledge is Change. Who holds the keys to knowledge and truth, and why it isn’t always us. In 2016 Heads Bodies Legs staged ‘Refugee’ at Studio K5 with poetry written especially for the event.

Post show discussions are held after each event. Heads Bodies Legs actively promote new writing through public readings, to engage new audience and stimulate discussion about the events that are happening in the world around them, to get people thinking, talking and taking action.